Was wondering if anyone has experience with JVending setup? Planning to distribute content that customers will pay for (but not by Premium SMS), and not sure if operators will allow such content to be delivered by SMSc's outside of their networks and send content that is not paid by their setups. smsgui claims this wont happen as they have some failover/rerouting mechanism.

Hence I wish to setup a backend group of servers that would peer to each other and not portray a single IP that could be blocked by operators. Content is not always java/j2me and it could also be webcontent rendered for mobile.

Planning to use 3Gi new planned service from smsgui.com and the new dialogue platoform that we have seen. Is there any other visual campaign designer for 2way messaging that doesnt need any scripting that you may know of?

Thanks and look forward to your feedback and any pointers who may know to setup jvending.