First, the good stuff: JustCloud's Windows client is slick and easy to use. 

Now that that's out of the way, let's look at the negatives, as experienced personally:

1. The "free trial" works, but is so limited that it's functionally useless. During my free trial, I was bombarded with upsells and "one time" offers - one of which (US$59/two years) I accepted at the end of my free period.

2. Backup is agonizingly slow - particularly if, like me, you have 135 gigs of music and images to protect, not to mention ten thousand emails.

3. Once backed up, I noticed that corruption of folder names and files was common enough to be readily apparent.

4. You can view your folders and files, but you cannot delete folders. Individual files can be deleted, but that isn't helpful when you are storing thousands of them.

5. It is nearly impossible to restore your files when the need arises, as it did in my case. I finally gave up. (See my review for the reasons for this:

6. Support is abysmal, to be kind. I did receive some useful support, but it certainly was not the norm. Most of the support issues received "cut and paste" responses that often completely ignored the issue at hand. At one point, because the JustCloud client was crashing on a regular basis (i.e. at least once every 24 hours), the matter was referred to a supervisor who asked for error logs and explained how to generate them. He added the following:

Please attach these files in your reply and we will pass this on to our 
development team for investigation, it would also be very useful to know the 
version of the application you are using.

Thanks again and we will work to get the problem solved as soon as we can.

Although I subsequently sent four sets of error logs, I never heard from either the "supervisor" or the "development team" again.

7. When I finally realized that I would never be able to retrieve all of my files, glowing JustCloud reviews to the contrary, I cancelled my 2-year PayPal subscription, cancelled my account and requested a refund - which I have not received and do not expect to receive.

Once I started doing my homework (which I freely admit I should have done in the first place, had the referral not come from Hostgator, whom I respected), I discovered a ton of negative reviews and comments. Had I vetted JustCloud in the first place, having read those reviews and comments, I never would have trusted them with my money or my precious files.

When you run across glowing reviews of JustCloud, remember that JustCloud affiliates earn up to $120 per sale - that's a powerful incentive to promote the product, no matter how bad it is.