I couldn't find an appropriate forum to post this so here will do.

A friend has an iCloud email alias in his iCloud account that he's been inadvertently been sending emails from, and thus getting replies to, from his iPhone which is not what he wanted. The IOS MAIL app was configured with an iCloud account and a Gmail account and there seems to be no way to configure the Gmail account as the default to send from account (seems this was removed between IOS8 and IOS 10) when there's also a configured iCloud account in the MAIL app. So to get around that I've turned off iCloud mail in SETTINGS. Now it sends from the Gmail account configured in the IOS MAIL app by default which is good (although I wish it would just use the app of your choice like Android).

But I've been trying to configure Outlook 2010 on his PC as an IMAP client to the iCloud account but I just can't get it to work. I've used the settings here which is clearly up-to-date with the login as the iCloud account login blahblah@ihug.co.nz and I've tried the alias blahblah@iCloud.com but the test connection won't work no matter what combination of possible settings I try. I can't even get Gmail to collect the email from the iCloud account mailbox because Gmail only collects via POP and from what I've seen iCloud doesn't do POP.

Basically all I want to do is move all the emails from his iCloud mailbox (Inbox and Sent) to his Gmail account and have any future incoming mail to his iCloud address collected by Gmail just as it does with his iHUG address (which he refuses to give up).

Has anyone got any ideas how to best accomplish what should really be a relatively straight forward thing?