With Crashplan about to exit the consumer market, I've been looking at the alternatives.  The other thread discussing the various options has been interesting, and Backblaze does look interesting.  However, I'd ideally want something that backs up my NAS, directly from my NAS, which is a QNAP-TS112.  With Crashplan I was getting around this problem by pointing the desktop app at my mapped drives, but this was really only working while my computer was at home and connected to my network.  With it being a Surface Pro 3 on wifi, this wasn't ideal. hence wanting a NAS-based backup solution.  Everything is stored on my NAS, and it uses Cloud Drive Sync to synchronise with OneDrive, which means all my data is available in the cloud, with selected folders available locally on my SP3 as space permits.  So if I can backup my NAS then I have a second, separate copy of all my data.


Backblaze doesn't appear to have an app for my NAS.  It sounds like there might be a solution involving B2 and a third-party app, but I haven't been able to wrap my head around how to get that sorted.  I-Drive however does have an app, which I installed in the weekend, and set a backup running, but it's been pretty slow.  I see that I-Drive have a service called I-Drive Express, where they send you a temporary drive for you to backup locally and send back to them for an initial seed backup.  This sounds great, but while they do offer an international service (for a shipping fee), they don't include New Zealand.  Has anyone found a way to get round that, perhaps using Youshop?