tdgeek: I think this thread is a bit overblown. Everyone has there own rating system, Consumer has what they feel is best, rightly or wrongly. Its up to each of us to read it and decide. To me I looked at the picture quality, I dont care about price or power. Tivo and MySky got 9.5, a Panny got 9.6, thats all I need to know. From there "my" rating is picture and features only. Thats just me. Others will see power as important, others will see tuner numbers.

Forget one persons bottom line score, look at what you see as important.

Absolutely! Who cares how much power a unit uses or whether it's easy to use if the picture quality is rubbish - as it won't be switched on or used. Good PQ should be the main consideration for all buyers. How much weight you give to ease of use and power saving/use is a more personal thing based on personal perspective (technical literacy, needs other users, budget, environmental conscience etc), but these should only be considered once the choices have been narrowed to better PQ.

The standby power use thing can be a bit over done etc. Just for interest, I did a rough back of the envelope calculation:
- assume the unit is on (being used, scheduled recording etc for 8 hours a day)
- assume, for sake of argument, power draw is identical when units are in use
- assume efficient unit draws (say) 2W in standby when not recording
- assume inefficient unit draws (say) 22W while in "standby" because of constant buffering etc
- assume power costs around 20c a kilowatt hour
- assume all units switched on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Extra power draw = 116.8 KwH/year - ie (22-2W)x16x365
Extra power cost = $23.36/year

While it's worth avoiding it's not exactly wallet-destroying in the scheme of things (45 cents a week), and certainly not worth trading off an appreciable difference in picture quality or performance to achieve. Given most of our power cones from renewables, the annual environmental impact probably equates to one trip to the shops?

I have briefly scanned the review, and it made pretty boring reading. I think it was for someone who didn't really know anything about freeview and what to do when analogue was turned off. I couldn't see any discussion in the article t about the tivo, apart from in the table. It was also really mainly an article about how to get freeview, and what set top boxes you could get. The ratings and recommendations were also very difficult to understand. Why they would rate something that was more expensive and had less features, and even mentioned that the user interface wasn't good, over a tivo is really beyond me. That is why I don't think they put much weight into any of the features of the tivo, such as it's recording abilities and season pass etc.
I think they also need to do a review on PVRs, as that review was really about set top boxes, rather than PVRs, which is what mysky and tivo are. There was no mention at all about thing like home networking, and being able to transfer recordings between rooms and a PC, and all the other featurs of PVRs etc.