I have been using Versa mail without much incident until recently.  I have always been able to use the "get" button to retrieve my POP mail from work and Yahoo.  And if I were to perform a hotsync, I was also able to retrieve all my mail.  The advantage to using hotsync was that it does not require any airtime or mb charges.  Well now it has stopped working.  If I delete the account and add it back in, it works no problem.  Then for some reason, it will stop working.  Tech support can not tell me why.  It is really starting to irritate me.  Any clue why this is happening?  What changes from the initial setup that would stop it from syncing.  Again, a wireless "get" works.  It is only when I am connected to my PC and I use the hotsync feature that it will not retrieve my mail.  Thank you.