JAVOedge releases the JAVOHolster -  A Swivel Belt Clip Holster for the Palm Treo 750!
Great holster accessory solution for the on-the-go professionals!  This stylish, yet durable JAVOedge Holster Belt Clip designed to quickly secure and release your handheld device with ease.  Easy clip to your belt or inside your pant pocket.  Or even attach to a bag or a purse!

JAVOHolster is an on-the-go person's dream.  It is specifically designed for convenience and brisk functionality.  It features padded felt insulation to prevent scratching of your device when snapping it on and off the holster.  It also features a heavy duty locking swivel belt clip which gives your device the mobility you require.  Your device will face inwards while snapped on to the holster to protect its sensitive touch screen and keypad.  With the JAVOHolster, you can literally snap your device on and off with one hand.  JAVOHolster, for people that require easy and mobile protection.

Compatible devices:
Vodafone Palm Treo 750v
Palm Treo 755p

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