i have been using palm devices on and off for ages now and quite like their os, however my e2 got broken the other day (smashed screen) and rather than repaire it the insurance is willing to pay 599 store credit towards a new one :)
now i need to decide what i am replacinnging it with and need help
i like the thought of a phone and pda in one and have had an apache, treo, sony ericson (symbion) and palm w before and found them all to be pretty fragile, (treo was proably the best of a bad bunch)

i need the calender to be really user freindly, has to hold over 1500 contacts, and would be a bonus if email could be instant (wife has a blckberry and it seems she gets emails on the go better than any of my previous phones ever have)
touch screan is a must

iphone? (heard mediocer reports)

what other options do i have?

thanks in advance