Here where I work my boss is interested in getting us on hand-held systems instead of written tickets. A while back before I came here, he had purchased 8 Symbol Palm 1700 units with cradles. He had also bought some sort of vending software... only to find out it wasn't what he was looking for and was incompatible with our database which holds our customers, invoices, and inventory.

So now, I'm wanting to get these units utilized in some way. Our database is a Win2k SQL/Oracle server. We manipulate this database from client machines through an independantly developed front-end that must have oracle and all the developers weird scripts for it which I don't understand to run.

So my question to you guys is: Do you have any advice on...

#1 Do you think these old units can even be used manipulate (do invoicing and subtract from inventory totals, plus keep track of a vend # and $ total) the database?

#2 If so, what would you recommend to get started with this?

If there's any more info you'd need to get a better idea of what I'm working with just ask.