"I am not able to copy addresses or photos from my Razr to Zire 72. I get the message service not available. Any ideas? I have paired the devices, they recognize each other (I think)."


Not sure what you mean by addresses. Please be more specific.

As far as moving photos taken on the Razr V3 and transferring them to a Zire that can be done. You can even transfer your photos from the Zire to the Razr for wallpaper if you want, here is how:

1) make sure your Zire's Bluetooth is on
2) on your V3 go to Multimedia
3) go to pictures
4) use the arrow keys to highlight the picture you have taken on the V3
5) Press the top center tool button on the V3
6) toward the bottom you will see "MOVE" or "COPY", MOVE deletes it from the V3, COPY just sends a copy.
7) press Select
8) you will see a list of devices you can send the picture to. If not select "LOOK FOR DEVICE"
9) as long as your Zire is discoverable the phone will find it and ask if you want to send to this device.
10) highlight the Zire as the send to device, don't press select on the V3 yet.
11) on the Zire select "MEDIA"
12) now on the V3 press select

At this point you will see the V3 trying to send the photo and the Zire will make a beep or two and ask you if you want to accept the photo into "MEDIA", Just click "OK" and your done.

To go from the Zire to your V3

1) make sure Bluetooth is on on the V3
2) on the Zire go to "MEDIA"
3) highlight the photo you want to send
4) press the "MEDIA" tab in the upper left hand corner of your Zire and press "SEND"
5) select "BLUETOOTH" from the list
6) a list of devices you can send the photo to will show up. Select the V3 and OK
7) the Zire will connect to the V3 and you will be asked to accept the incoming transfer
8) press accept on the V3 and your done

Hope this helps, Let me know how it works for you,