Hi all,

Have recently acquired a Palm OS mobile broadband capable device. GOt a data plan, scoped out development options using the Palm OS API with C (yuk?!), decided on Java, gone through a couple of tutorials and installed the lastest JVM.

Have sofar successfully written and deployed a couple of sample Java Apps onto the device, now I am looking at web-enalbed apps.

What I'd really like to do is make a mobile Web Services Client app (using a J2ME Midlet client-side).

The only tutorials that I have been able to find are for Java web services - but I wanna use a dotnet web service. I have not yet been able to connect my Java Midlet to a .net web service (I think) due to incompatable SOAP formats - but I thought SOAP was a www standard?! Anyone done anything like this before?

In general, I am intersted in peoples Palm OS development stories as well...