Want something that will be a bit better than cellphone/go-pro type 1080 video without spending the earth.

Been burned before when I bought a panasonic HDD based one, optics were sweet as, 80 gig drive in it and it gave an ok image except for one massive flaw...

It was 50Hz. so useless for editing together stuff when a majority of other stuff is 60Hz unless I wanted it to end up being a judderfest.

I cant think of any viable reason to lock a camera into 50Hz only, but panasonic clearly thought it was a great idea so sold me a lemon which I was thankfully able to take back.

So the list of requirements are

1080 recording
60Hz (perhaps 24 as well but probably not any need)
Tripod screw hole on it
Ok in lowish light
Takes SD cards
Has audio inputs on it for a wireless mic
Not be made by sony.

What is out there? Ideally under $500 or so, but can probably extend a little furthur if needed.