Hi all - I've been using a fairly cheap 'Blu' brand Android phone (ver. 5.0) with the app DSLR Controller, connected via OTG cable & USB camera cable to a Canon 6D camera.
The setup works very well to view the 'live view' from the camera and change settings, control capture etc... but it's very slow & buggy to review the video that's already been shot and saved on the camera SD card.
The first time I tried to review some video it requested that I download MX Player app, which I did. Usually I can select a video and it will show a 'processing' logo for quite a while and then sometimes play back the video... often it will become hung up and freeze.

Does anyone use this set-up with a different android device? How is it for playback? Could it just be the graphics controller/processor on the Blu phone? Any other suggested video viewer apps to help the device 'see' the videos better?

Many thanks for any suggestions/thoughts/experiences.