I just had a thought about this.  On the net and thru books and stuff, people talk about photography and photography.  To you guys is photography something that you are already doing and you just happen to have your camera?  Maybe spending family time, with friends, at a sports game, at a concert, an event etc .. maybe you are away on travel with a few others.  Maybe you are involved with a tramping group or a sports club.  Or is it ... you mainly go out alone by yourself just to do photography?  You book a trip away by yourself just to do photography like a well known photogenic national park, or maybe you go overseas alone to engage in photography such as some of the developing nations ie national geographic style ie India, Myanmar.




I have done more the latter because I find few people I know are into photography and when you do go on trips and you focus too much in photography the group can also clash and if they do their thing and you go alone and do your photography again it becomes a isolated activity.  To some people it might seem strange also, you spent the thousands of bucks to take photo's that no one else are interested in just for yourself to look at and then stored away in a print box.