Classic "racist NZer" remark.


[...] NZers just don't want to do the work!



Interesting to see a 'racist' claim by a person who follows the claim with what could be interpreted as a borderline racist comment. For a number of years I tried to get a job in a certain industry with very high levels of immigrant workers and could never get my foot in the door—perhaps because of this sort of thinking. Changed careers to my second choice career and the attitude change has been an eye opener. So this sort of comment sort of rubs me the wrong way but I can understand this wasn't the posters intention. Just wanted to say this so the poster can hopefully reflect on their wording.


I'm Deaf so I call companies via the relay service. In a way I am 'colour-blind' in the sense I don't get to know what sort of accent whoever picks up the phone has. However I've had on occasion had the relay operator (who has to listen to the other end and type to me what they are saying and vice-versa) tell me they can't understand a word due to their accent. And the relay operator is often someone with plenty of experience talking on the phone, so that does worry me a bit! And sadly it has led to me dropping my business with certain companies if I can't get hold of someone I can speak with via the relay service.


Anyway, back on topic.


Some years ago I had an issue with ANZ posting me credit card statements for an account I closed some months prior. Bank/Secure mailed them. No change. Walked into my local branch. No change. Phoned them. Walked into the main Auckland CBD branch. No change. Phoned them again. No change. Tweeted them and was all sorted out <24 hours later. This was in the early days of ANZ on Twitter though so no idea if they're the same these days.


Auckland Transport used to be very good when they had this really nice chap looking after their Twitter account. I even got to meet him in person on a few occasions on business and he recognised my name and we got chatting about the stuff I had discussed with him via the AT twitter account. He was very good at following up with my issues and making sure it was raised with the appropriate people within the organisation. Sadly he left the organisation and whoever they appointed to the role would simply refer me to fill out the standard complaints form which had no effect 100% of the time.


So all a bit hit and miss. Also the goal posts are always changing as companies adjust their social media strategies. But given it doesn't take long to write a post (v.s. phoning, emailing, walking in, etc) so could be a efficient first step to get your problem solved. Then in the few cases it doesn't work out then you can just try another approach.