lostangel: You only need to set up a web redirect to point your domain to the blogger site.

Where it says @ it normally means your domain name without any www or similar in front of it.

I see you have several @ which indicates that the domain will point to one of those ips which happen to be google name servers.

Strangely you have the www subdomain pointed to a google server also, are you trying to use googkes servers to accomplish the web redirect? Your domain registrar will likely have an easier way of accomplishing this.

I've been following the instructions on Blogger for pointing the custom domain to the blog.  It says to set the CNAME www record to ghs.google.com, and the A records to the four IP addresses supplied.  As I understand it, the www CNAME record redirects www.gnomadiclibrarian.com  to the blog, while the A records redirect gnomadiclibrarian.com.  But so far, it still comes up with a 404 error unless I use www.gnomadiclibrarian.com

 vaguely recall when setting up the domain, that there was a box to tick which I think mentioned the naked domain (gnomadiclibrarian.com) but I can't find it again.  Any GoDaddy experts know where to look for this?