Freeview DVB-T EPG SetupThis is page is intended to show you how to setup the TV Guide (EPG) for Freeview DVB-T (Digital Terrestrial) .  This will give you 7-10 days worth of tv guide using the data that is broadcast via DVB-T, the tvserver does not need internet access as all the data is from the DVB-T signal.

Note: If you want an EPG for Sky TV or sattelite Freeview you will need to look elsewhere.

Step 1 - XMLTV

Download xmlvtv.dtd and save it to

Win7 or Vista 64 bit - c:\program files (x86)\team mediaportal\mediaportal\tv server\xmltv.dtd

WinXP/7/Vista 32bit - c:\program files\team mediaportal\mediaportal\tv server\xmltv.dtd

Step 2 - Install EPG Collector

Download EPG Collector from here

Choose to download the installer package eg. "EPG Collector V040000 Install.msi"

Install EPG Collector

Note: default install directory is C:\Program Files(X86)\Geekzone\EPG Collector

Once setup EPG Collector will create a file called tvguide.xml in the tvserver directory

tvguide.xml contains all the tv guide information for mediaportal tv server

Step 3 - Create Collection ParametersEdit sectionRun EPG Collector (Start -> All Programs -> EPG Collector -> EPG Center)

File -> Create Collection Parameters

Choose "New Zealand - Terrestrial Freeview - Auckaland"

Note: It doesn't matter if your not in Auckland, we will customise this


1. Select the tuner you want to use

2. Select the area you are in

3. Click Add

4. Select [X] Check tuner is not in use before chaning DiSEQC

5. At the bottom of the page under Selected scanning frequencies delete the providor you are not using

(ie if you added Christchurch, then there will also be a providor called Auckland which you need to delete)



1. Output file path -> Click Browse

2. Set path to the tvserver directory

32 bit OS - C:\Program Files\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal TV Server\TVGuide.xml

64 bit OS - C:\Program Files (x86)\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal TV Server\TVGuide.xml



1. Click File -> Save As

32bit OS - C:\Program Files\Geekzone\EPG Collector\EPGCollector.ini

64bit OS - C:\Program Files (x86)\Geekzone\EPG Collector\EPGCollector.ini



1. Click Run -> Collect EPG Data

2. Do you want to use the parameters currently loaded to run the collection? [YES]

3. This takes around 2 minutes, wait

4. You should get a message saying "The run completed successfully."

5. Assuming you did all the above correctly this should now of created a file called tvguide.xml in the tvserver directory

Step 4 - Check

Goto the tvserver directory

32 bit OS - C:\Program Files\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal TV Server\

64 bit OS - C:\Program Files (x86)\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal TV Server\

Check you have the following 2 files



Step 5 - Setup TV Server

Run TV Server Configuration

Goto Plugins

Enable "XmlTv"

Expand [+] Plugins

Choose "XmlTv"



1. Folder where tvguide is located

Browse to your tvguide.xml file

2. Setup the following tick boxes

[X] Import new tvguide.xml

[  ] Import files in new tvguide.1st

[X] Delete old programs before input

[  ] Apply time compensation

3. Click Force Import

configuration will become unresponsive for ~ 2 minutes while the guide is imported

4. You should see a message saying file imported successfully



1. Click Load/Refresh

2. Check that "Tuning Channel" matches up with "Guide Channel"

3. Once you have adjusted any missmatched channels click SAVE


Click [OK] to close tv server configuration and save changes.

If you don't click OK then the changes will not be saved.

Step 6 - Schedule task to update the EPGEdit section 


1. Click Start button

2. Type "task" in the window

3. Click on Task Scheduler

4. Click Action -> Create basic task

5. Give the task a name eg. Update EPG

6. Click NEXT

7. When do you want the task to start? -> Click Daily

8. Click NEXT

9. Recur every 1 days

10. Click NEXT

11. Action, choose start a program

12. Click NEXT

13. Click Browse

14. "C:\Program Files (x86)\Geekzone\EPG Collector\EPGCollector.exe"

15. Click NEXT

16. Click FINISH

Windows XP

You want to run C:\Program Files\Geekzone\EPG Collector\EPGCollector.exe once per day

Instructions here -

NOTE: I also created this guide in the New Zealand section of the Mediaportal Wiki
NZ Mediaportal Wiki Page