Just sharing my experience in the hope it will help others. 

I recently bought a VU+ Ultimo from Germany, fitted with 1xDVB-S and 2xDVB-T tuners and 1TB HDD. Definitely not cheap, I wanted a Tivo-like PVR with a customisable interface; a compatible backend for my XBMC clients; allows live tv from iOS devices or pc - all from one box. I must say it ticks all these boxes and more, and I have since sold my Tivo.

Using one of many open source images available, I have flashed my box with OpenVIX and selected Scwheeler's MetrixHD skin mod (see attached).

Now I prefer watching Freeview in HD from a UHF signal, as you need a Sky subscription for the same privilege with satellite (just one of the many reasons I gave up Sky long ago). However my conundrum was that the DVB-S tuner happily receives a full epg off the satellite signal, while the DVB-T tuners receive only now/next EIT info off the UHF. I had naively hoped that the satellite epg could easily be read by the DVB-T tuners - not so. I then set about looking for ways of importing NZ epg data to my box.

With the grateful help of a Rytec EPG member, I now have custom files that import NZ epg data using the XMLTV-Importer plugin. The files only list the current DVB-T NZ Freeview channels but can be easily modified for your own needs. I'm happy to share so just PM me for a setup guide.

Here's some epg screens of before and after: