Hi All

I've recently done a fresh install of mythbuntu 10 on the HTPC and decided to give solorvox's mheg scripts ago. 

I've managed to get the scripts all running and importing data into mythtv with a little bit of trial and error, but am having trouble getting good data for all the mediaworks channels.  The listings that are coming through are full of gaps, and often have chinese programs mixed in, I think from TV33.

My guess is its getting mixed up between TV3, TV3plus1, and TV33, but not sure why its also having trouble with C4 and C42.

Does anyone have any ideas what might be going wrong?  or anything I can check?

I'm using a Hauppage Nova T500 getting FreeviewHD data from Te Aroha.

ps, solorvox, thanks for the scripts, I like the idea of getting my guide data over the air.  I was using nice.net.nz's grabber previously which worked well, but all these web grabbers seem to dissapear every couple of years.  It would be great if you could turn the wrapper into a full xmltv grabber, so it is configurable from inside mythtv, and there's no need to mess around with cron jobs etc.