I was having issues with the Guide crashing, and fragmented and failed recordings from UHF tuners which looks like it was caused by a media centre task that runs every three hours to scan for new channels and guide data. Occasionally the scan would cause a recording to fail with "Recording stopped early due to a schedule change" etc. I resolved all my guide crashes and recording failures by disabling the background scanning.

After disabling background scanning the guide data no longer updates and I needed to find a simple substitute to the scheduled scan to gather EPG data preferably without third party apps.
I worked out a way to do this using a working satellite tuner. Guidehound or EPG Collectorare not required.

I was going to expand on my instructions but the basic steps are here.
Have a read from the beginning of the thread for the background.

If people find this useful I can expand on the details or maybe a moderator can copy and Pin it?

Hope someone finds it useful.
Please post any questions in this thread as this is now an EPG Topic.

Regards Allen.