I think you will find there are a lot of sites that do not validate.. ? to name two! ?Cross browser checking is more important IMO. ?Useful information comes from checking it though, and I totally agree with the need for "alt" tags etc.

Ok... my point wasn't to list what other sites do/don't do, as it is common knowledge that most sites don't put the effort in. Didn't feel the?comparison?necessary.?

I was more offering points that could be looked at if he wanted to, as I did state things like validation are not needed and would be more of an option and that it would work fine without it.?

That is true to a point, but in order to get a site working cross different browsers, especially in IE, sometimes it may not validate. I am not really sure how important it is anyway these days. Sure, it is good if it does, but there are no awards for making it so, and there are so many top websites that don't.

IE is so annoying Laughing