Since getting the previous Feedback I've been trying to a make changes to improve the speed of the website. I've also been in contact with the company that is providing hosting for the website and and they still say their should be no issue with speed for visitors from new Zealand when accessing a website hosted in Ireland.

I've removed the ads on the Homepage. I've now added 2 buttons, one linking to the Facebook page and one to add reviews. As for the the Add Review section, I'm still working on improving this. I'll be including drop down menus for all the Universities and courses.

The position of the search/login bar has been swapped with the navigation bar. I think it does improve the site as the navigation bar is now in a more 'easy to see' position. What do people think?

The logo has also been changed. Its still just a simple logo but it fits in better with the site now. It reduced size means the Homepage is now more compact.

Any feedback is very much appreciated!