Hi everyone

I am the director of Wiretapp Labs Limited – an iPhone app development company based in Wellington and Melbourne.  We are making this post to gauge interest in entering into mutually beneficial app development arrangements. We believe that we have developed a system which can provide a low cost entry into the app development game for those who either do not have the coding ability to make an app from scratch, or do not have the time.

If you are interested in running your own app business to earn a bit of cash in your spare time, this opportunity could interest you.

But first, a bit of background.

Our first app TheInsider was launched in August 2012. TheInsider locates happy hours and 2 for 1 deals in bars, restaurants and cafes in Auckland and Wellington. TheInsider finds the closest, highest rated and newest deals available, and allows the user to extensively search and filter deals. Users can rate deals, suggest deals to be added or removed and share deals with friends. For more details please refer to our website www.theinsiderapp.co.nz.

Since launching TheInsider we have been exploring different options as to how we can expand our business and app offerings.

Location based app expansion

TheInsider is primarily a list based app which operates to display different entries based on your location.   We have been looking at ways in which we can use the core-functionality of TheInsider for other location-orientated list based apps.

Our first attempt of doing this -  “Modern Wonders” was launched last week. Details of the app can be viewed at https://itunes.apple.com/nz/app/modern-wonders-of-the-world/id602593241?mt=8. As you can see Modern Wonders uses the same core code to display different location based information.

We think that the opportunities to create many different list oriented location driven apps using our code as a base are endless. Accordingly, if you are interested in creating such an app, the team at Wiretapp Labs are very keen to help.  Please get in contact.

Franchising / Licensing arrangements

Another way in which we are looking at expanding, is to enter into franchise / licensing arrangements with others to expand TheInsider.  We think that an app like TheInsider would be incredibly popular in large cities such as London, New York or even Sydney or Melbourne. Unfortunately, we don’t have the time or resources to collate all the information and gather all the data to set up in large international cities like this at the moment, so what we envisage is entering into licensing agreements in relation to certain geographical areas.

For example – we envisage a licensee in looking to set up TheInsider in London. The licencee would pay an upfront fee for the code and be responsible for collecting all information, photographs and marketing. The profits from the app store would then be apportioned between the parties.

This would be a very easy way for someone to start running their own app business. Again, as the back end coding is all done it would be very easy to geographically expand. So if you are keen to run your own app business within New Zealand or even overseas, get in touch with the team at admin@theinsiderapp.co.nz


Niko Croskery


Wiretapp Labs Limited