This post is to introduce a forthcoming product and to obtain feedback from the Geekzone community. The software has the rather unoriginal name of the Transactional E-mail Gateway (TEG).


The purpose of TEG is to provide on-site Web to SMTP gateway services, where it can be used as either an alternative to various mail delivery services, or to provide a common API for SMTP-based providers.


TEG was created to address frequent requests that were made while supporting my freeware command line mail tool, CMail, which has been available for download since circa-2005. Many CMail users requested assistance with determining which deliveries failed, while others wished to integrate CMail with their own applications via a DLL (usually to replace Blat). While the first requirement can be addressed through simple scripting, third-party integration is a more problematic issue. Providing a DLL would inevitably lead to increased demand for supporting the product. I am unable to provide coding assistance for a free DLL, while the market for a commercial DLL is rather limited. I am also mindful of the potential for abuse which would come from providing fine-grained control over SMTP sessions.


TEG can be integrated with third-party code via a simple JSON-based Web API. It automatically delivers to multiple or individual recipients, based on the destination and e-mail content.


I am planning to offer TEG in two versions, a free Lite version with limited functionality intended to reduce its usefulness as a spamming tool, and a full version with fewer restrictions. The Lite version would have a soft limit of 10,000 addresses in the database and allow only two messages to be active in the delivery queue. This would provide enough capacity for sending to one large mailing list, while still processing transactional e-mail. The full version will allow messages to be prioritised and allow more concurrent deliveries over a larger number of connections.


I have placed preliminary API documentation, and a Getting Started guide on my Website for anyone who is interested in having a look. If you would like to try out the product for yourself, please send me a private message and I will send you a link. The beta is fully functional and largely feature complete, but time limited so incomplete or buggy versions aren’t hanging around indefinitely.


Currently, no firm release date is set. I like to have some more beta users try it out before releasing it in to the wild.