Not sure if this should be under maps, GPS, but only not working when using Skinny mobile data.


Has been like it from memory since around March, thought it was a Tom Tom problem. then today I inadvertently switched on VPN and it started working, which seems real strange to me.




It works with phone in hotspot mode though, but preferred it with bluetooth as hotspot can be fiddly to get going, sometimes it can take over two minutes before get TomTom to see hotspot, and since it gets data once every two minutes, with iphone in standby it thinks hotspot not being used and drops connection, bluetooth never dropped connection when working.


On TomTom using bluetooth it shows traffic data connected on Skinny mobile data but traffic and the cloud icon stay greyed out.


Turn on VPN on phone and they go solid white.


If phone is connected to wifi on homebroadband they go white, home broadband with 2degrees.


Yet if Skinny hotspot is connected they also go solid white Just I don't find hotspot reliable unless there's constant data going through it), so if Skinny was blocking something it seems strange that it's working on hotspot.




I realize that the mydrive TomTom applic needs to be running in backgound for data to go through bluetooth.


Can a mobile carrier block data going through bluetooth (which doesn't happen when phone on VPN mode) or is it more likely something else is at play?


Hotspot would be fine, but for some reason 5-10 minutes into journey connection is dropped.




Edit: iPhone 6