I haven't seen it posted anywhere on how to setup data on Android phones yet.
So I thought I'd post. (Credit to marc2c as I basically used his layout and instructions except this is for skinny.)    

1. Press on the menu button on the phone from homescreen, (or go into app drawer)

2. Select 'Settings'

3. Select 'Wireless & networks'

4. Select 'Mobile networks'

5. Select 'Access Point Names'

6. Press the menu button and select 'New APN'

7. Fill out the fields as below:

Name: APN

APN: wapaccess.co.nz







MMS Proxy:

MMS Port:

MCC: 530

MNC: 05

Authentication Type:

APN Type: default,supl

8. Press the menu button and choose save. You will see a little circle next to APN. Press the circle button to put a green circle in it.

This usually work without having to reboot the phone, but that could just be me, so it is usually safe to reboot afterwards if it's not working.

Skinny does not currently have MMS support so I can't post those haha.