nickb800: Gathering by the comments about the 1.4Ahr batteries, the 2.4Ahr Li-ion batteries would be insane, right?

The 2.4AHr batteries are definitely not insane!

They are what you need for jobs that need a lot of grunt e.g. drilling 20mm holes through a 200mm thick fence post to hang a gate on.  Or using the circular saw on wet wood.

The 2.4AHr batteries also have the great feature of a charge indicator, which the 1.4AHr ones don't.  Press a button on the end and you see a Green, Yellow or Red light depending on how much charge is left.

nickb800:How do you home users actually make use of the impact drill? I struggle to see the point, maybe someone can point it out to me!
Has anyone got tried the drill's hammer function with brick or concrete? Is it any good, or is there really no substitute for a corded drill in this area?

When we first bought our lifestyle block, I only had a corded drill.  So I ended up using our quad bike with a trailer behind carrying a generator.  Even then, the corded drill struggled to cope with some jobs, and started smoking when drilling holes through fence posts.

So, like you, I bought a cheap "Predator" 18V cordless drill from Placemakers.  The batteries didn't last 5 minutes, and the drill struggled to drill holes through fence posts because it only had a 2-speed gearbox.

Since getting my Ryobi 3-speed drill, originally with 18V NiCad batteries, I have not had any further problem doing these jobs.  The NiCads were OK, but they died after a few years, so now I have Lithium Ion and they are SO much better.  Don't waste your money on NiCads any more, they are not worth it.

The Hammer Drill function is definitely the business for drilling holes in concrete or brick.  It gets you through in a fraction of the time.

As Pock said above, the Ryobi tools are not "awesome" like De Walt or Makita.  But they are a fraction of the price, and for DIY jobs they are fine.  If you were a tradesman using them every day, then Ryobi would be a bad idea.  However, for occasional use they are great and I would never buy battery tools from Black&Decker, Ozito, Predator, GMC and the like, ever again because they just don't last.