Waterproofing layers need to be inspected by the council to get building consent, before anything goes on top of them. THIS IS IMPORTANT. If you don't you'll have an unconsented bathroom that you have to declare when you sell the house, which could make the sale more difficult or reduce your sale price. Ask me how I know...



You managed to screw someone down on price because they had dared to not let council meddle in how they operated their own property?



You mean someone didn't follow the laws and regulations that have been put in place to protect people?


House sales fall though because relevant  consents weren't gained. I pulled out of a house purchase after I discovered a major part of it didn't have code of compliance, as they didn't think they needed a consent.  The agent even said they didn't need it, when I confirmed with the council that they did. This means potential insurance issues etc. It was not worth the hassle for me.You also can't get retrospective building consent , only a certificate of acceptance, which is not as good.