I posted about this a year or two back.


The "filament type" LED's I could get then wouldn't work properly unless I had an incandescent bulb in parallel on the circuit with an inexpensive dimmer. I wasn't going to buy expensive trailing edge dimmers to experiment with.  Had dropped in a local lighting specialist firm a few times, but they didn't have anything suitable in dimmable LED.


These arrived at my local Mitre 10 today - about $24 each - worth a punt, I'd been using large diameter decorative halogen bulbs, but with the very small filaments in halogens they cast a very hard shadow, which was a bit harsh with David Trubridge "Kina" lampshades.




They work perfectly with a standard (ie cheap leading edge ~ $30) HPM dimmer.  No flicker, smooth dimming control.  Perfect.


The dimmer is rated 10W (min) to 200W, but seems to still work fine with a single one of these 7W bulbs on the circuit (normally there are two - I removed one bulb just to see).


These are 90mm, they also had 120mm globes, decorative retro/oblong as well as standard sized "filament type" dimmable LEDs.  All were E27 (not bayonet).  I can't really see much inside the base, but looks like there's possibly some driver circuits in there.  7W / 806 lumen was the maximum,  they seem brighter than the 42w halogen (supposedly = 60W standard incandescent) globes they've replaced.