I've been looking at this exact same question, and came along a thread about the original plan a year or so ago.  They upped the prices considerably which reduced the value, and someone calculated the cost of just paying as you go (using a rate of about 4.2c/kwh and 160c/daily charge) and found that to use the same amount of power as the "flat rate" plan allows would only cost $152/month.  So if you used the maximum amount, and took advantage of the prompt payment discount, it might save you about $10/month.  But, like you, I don't know what happens if you go over the maximum allocation.  I assume they just charge the standard rates for any overage.


I decided that it wasn't worth it, but I noticed they have another deal - 50% off gas usage until 31 October 2017.  This seems to be a pretty good deal, especially as we will be using a lot more gas over the next three months, and can maximise the savings.  Even after that deal runs out, it's still going to be a lot cheaper than my current provider (Contact).  I've been scrutinising the deal and charges to check for any fishhooks, but haven't found anything so far.  I've contacted Contact to see if they will match the deal (doubtful), but if they do then that will be a lot easier than having to switch.  But for those kinds of savings it might be worth the hassle of changing providers.



I think this 50% off gas usage deal is mainly intended for new residential natural gas customers, which would suit you as you are currently with Contact.


However, if you are an existing Genesis Energy residential natural gas customer and you don't currently have your electricity with Genesis, you are not eligible for the Gas50 Winter Offer unless you sign up for electricity before 30 September 2017 (see clause c from the terms and conditions below).


I can see why some people change their energy supplier every year because a lot of incentives are offered to new customers but existing customers are largely ignored and left out in the cold! And Genesis certainly favours people who have signed up with them for both electricity and gas!


Why are existing customers dealt with in this way, can't the energy companies see that these special offer deals merely serve to encourage existing customers to change suppliers?


The terms of the 50% off winter gas deal  require that:


To be eligible for the Gas50 winter ("Offer"), you must:



  1. be a new Genesis Energy residential natural gas customer (which may include existing Genesis Energy residential electricity customers adding natural gas to their account); and
  2. switch your natural gas supply at your primary residence to Genesis Energy from 20 June 2017 to 30 September 2017, OR.
  3. an existing Genesis Energy residential natural gas customer and, if you sign up to Genesis Energy for your electricity supply before 30 September 2017, your natural gas will be eligible for the Offer.