Painted the garage grey, it was previously blue and purple.


Painted the bottom and trim of house black. We have dark brown aluminum windows and it helps stop them sticking out like dogs b...s. Trim and bottom was previously a dirty white.


had the drive and parking area done in asphalt. It was weed filled gravel with potholes before.


Ripped up the path to nowhere made with bricks on the edges, concrete dumped as is in between and decorated (?) with indoor tiles and glass beads.






Patched the other path - made out of broken brick rubble, by covering it all with mortar.


Cheap but it looks like a proper concrete path now and you don't break your neck walking on it.




Painted the inside lounge/dining/kitchen , all one colour instead of the sky blue, navy blue, yellow arrangements they had  - as "feature walls". Used a neutral taupe sort of colour.


Ripped out all the weeds and ripped weedmat and made proper gardens.




Cut down 15 trees on this teeny 500sqm section. They were chinese toon, plams and piitosporum.


Ugh.  Spent a year mowing the suckers that kept coming up all over until it finally died.




Planted a couple of pongas, some fruit vines, miniature orange and some flowering shrubs.


We have bugger all budget, had to borrow more of the bank for the drive. The rest done ourselves, bit by bit with the cheapest method possible,




Painted the godawful fences black to match the rest.


Installed a gate, this was DIY made out of a PVC fence panel, 2 wheels and some bits of wood.


Looks like a real gate now and stops them (HNZ) over back jumping the fence and cutting through our place on their way to and from pub.


So did the barbed wire along back fence, which has the passionfruit growing on it so doesn't look like colditz and keeps them out.