Actually - it doesn't look too bad to me.  Not sure about the wavy line cut in the last picture though?


Asphalt always has imperfections, goes grey / patchy / dirty, gets small cracks/crazing.  


See what the other contractor says, but if he doesn't see major faults, then perhaps just get on with your life and forget about it.


It's only a driveway.





Would you be happy paying 12k for this as a brand new driveway? 



From the photos, I can't really tell - so can't really say.





I am of the same thoughts. It looks good to me. 

Like I said above, This is no polished concrete surface, This is sticky ol dirty asphalt. 

@OP, use it for 2 months and check back. I bet you it will be a single colour (As long as your kids dont run mud all over it) and all the little odd bits will wear evenly.

I do see the little plugs they put in from a imperfection in the roller. If they had of left it along it would probably look better that that.


I don't see the issue with boot marks on the surface. Ever heard of water and a broom? 

I recall last time I was at my friends house who has an ashpalt driveway, I tell ya - I was on my hands and knees looking at every square inch of it. I was all over it looking for slight imperfections. Not.

Stop being pedantic. 

Go get a quote for concrete for your driveway. You be it will be more expensive than this.