I'm pretty keen to pick up a couple of these, but I'm absolutely not interested in any Xiaomi app. Anyone have any luck with getting these working with something like homebridge?


Also, what's the better version to get? The Zigbee or WiFi?


And while I'm here, anyone ripped one apart to see what the internal quality is like? I'm always skeptical of anything mains-related from Aliexpress after reading stuff like this.





I use a heap of Xiaomi stuff with OpenHab:


1 * Gateway (the Zigbee/Wifi bridge)


2 * Honeywell smoke alarms


6 * Temperature/Humidity/Pressure sensors


4 * Door/window sensors


1 * switch


6 * IR/light motion sensors


1 * Smart socket


You just need the Xiaomi app the once to get the developer key from the gateway and after that you can do everything via OpenHab.


Home Assistant also has good support for Xiaomi.




Of course .. I still need to learn how to program OpenHab for doing smart things :-)  And I plan on getting a few more things from the Xiaomi brand, the kit is quite well made (externall).