Recently replaced our obsolete model with a 66.  Have personally had the smaller unit previously and constantly had problems with blockages because it wasn't munching things up properly.  The 66 has been great.  


I personally removed the quick lock brackets and seals and replaced them with the new ones that came in the kit.  It wasn't at all hard (if you are remotely DIY capable its pretty simple) and it was nice to have everything shiny and new, particularly the rubbers. 


Purchased mine from Mitre 10.  Bunnings had a good deal on them so I went to Mitre 10 and they honoured their best price promise and I got another 15% off.  Ended up saving well over $100 on the retail price. You could do the same with that NL deal.  


Just like a TV, bigger is always better 



So you took the thing in the sink out and replaced it with one that came with it. I guess you removed and replaced the putty ? Just wondering as I always seem to spend an inordinate amount of time with putty trying just the right amount and fiddling and scraping and adjusting and whatever.





Putty?  No putty.  Rubber seal under the silver ring that drops into the hole and then there are a couple of seals underneath that clamp up under the mounting bracket.  I have installed and uninstalled a few of these over the years and have only ever seen the seals used, no putty or silicon.      



That does sound infinitely preferable smile