I am on the lookout for a simple kitchen unit for an office room, and am looking at pricing. Just need a single 450x600 draw unit, a 900x600 double door cupboard, and a few end panels. Then just a benchtop cut to the size I need. I already have a sink to go on the bench.  Have looked at Mitre 10 and Bunnings offerings, which are quite basic and would fulfill the objective. Probably looking at acrylic panel finish which I have heard is very durable compared to a foil.  But options both are DIY to certain extent. That is fine, as I can do that. But the price is still quite high, considering some of it is flatpack. From the pricing I have seen, it would out at nearly $3000 for the basic units, excluding handles, the sink and install. So I was thinking that there maybe a kitchen manufacturer in the Wellington region who specalise in these types of things, and who may install it for not that much more. Anyone have any recommendations of kitchen joiners?