Hi, Does anyone have any experience with using clear epoxy to fill knot holes etc.. 


I recently built some kitchen benches using a Norski product, although I inadvertently  used the Kleer Kast resin at the incorrect advise from a Bunnings attendant.. Anyway.. long story short.. it worked but it needed to be sanded a lot and wet and dry.. etc.. I should have used their Knot filler product..


Anyway my dilemma is that i want to fill some really cool borer holes in my floors that i have already previously sanded and polyurethaned.. and don't want to have to sand back and poly again after filling the holes.. So does anyone happen to know of a product that I can just pour in and it will set like glass without needing any finishing..  I am also not sure the Norski Knot filler one will do that ?




Cheers in advance