MrAmerica: We are building a house and have a long run of about 16m (including going up and down the wall) and I was wondering if anyone has used a hot loop system and can comment on them?

The bathroom is pretty much just a guest bathroom so I was hoping to be able to turn it off when not required, maybe using a sensor to the pump so it would only come on when someone walked into the bathroom?

Is it worth it or do we just go standard with a pipe and live with the delay. This would be fine for us, but when we get carted out of the house in a box, new owners might find this delay a pain.

I suppose it depends on how often you have guests and how much of an inconvenience turning a valve on and off would be.
The hot loop system is great but very expensive in hot water. I would just fit a valve somewhere easy to access, to isolate it when not needed. Geoff.