Yep, screws can still pop, just less likely too.


There's a few causes of popped screws, usually either, because the wood has moved (Either because of an earthquake or more likely it's dried out (there's a minimum moistrue content of 18% for the timber framing that the council test for prior giving the all clear for lining with gib, but IIRC the normal moisture content of an older house is something like 12-13% so there's a fair drop in there)








Because of poor installation (when you put glue too close to the screw (the glue dries, and as it dries it shrinks and pulls the gib closer to the framing but the screw(and it's plaster on top of it) doesn't get pulled closer, and pops), or if the screw has been driven in too far, and goes past the outer paper face of the gib.