A little story of another experience. Sorry a bit off topic. About 20 years ago I was flatting in an old relocated villa on tank water. 4 - 5 20yr old guys. It was summer, just after Christmas and some of the flatmates were away. We ran out of water so got a tanker in and filled the tank with 5000 litres. A few days later it was all gone and we couldn't believe it had been used so quickly! I was home one evening and no one else there and quiet (which was unusual) I could hear the pump cycling on and off. I checked all the taps and toilets and nothing was running so I suspected a leak. The next day I got a torch and crawled under the house for a look. The house had the dreaded black dux plumbing and I found a tee that was leaking on the crimp with a stream of water up onto the floorboards and forming a puddle on the ground in the clay. What was worse was that it was hot water, the puddle was warm! We were not only losing all the water, but we were also paying to heat it too! A trip to bunnings and a $5 push-fit fitting and it was fixed.