brownie112: Thank you, Yes that makes sense.

Just found out that the meter readings will always be one or two days behind so the app will not be displaying power usage in real time.

Does that mean if I want to get a reasonably accurate information about how much power I used in that hour, I could always just walk outside write down the meter reading at the start and end of the free hour and get the usage info that way?


Okay, yeah that is taking optimising it to the next level!


EK do provide historic data in the app (yes a couple days behind) so you can quickly work out what times you use the most power and what your patterns are. Your bill also display the exact number of kWH that were charged at $0.00 (ie the unis you used during the hour of power).


But the real power is in the changes you make to your consumption - actually moving your power consumption to whichever time you've picked.


You can also change the HOP on the same day before midnight, works quite well on nights I get home late from work so my routine is an hour behind what it normally would be.