Corcoran: Thought I had made a decision but now having second thoughts!

I have ruled out the zoning, but I haven't ruled out the single zoned fully ducted yet as my wife has decided to move her workstation to a smaller bedroom, which should be about to retain alot of heat so not need much heating while she is home.

I have read alot about rooms overheating with a ducted system when the doors are closed. Should I request return vents in every bedroom at the install, or see how it goes first to see if they are required or not?


As I alluded to earlier, this is the situation we have. There are sufficient gaps under each door to allow return air and I have reduced the flow into the smaller rooms by adjusting the aperture on the diffusers. Rather than put a return in each room, which would hugely increase the cost, I am considering installing vents from the bedrooms that require them to the central hallway that has our return ducts.