pando: Should hook up the refrigerator to it aswell for super efficiency

Currently looking at getting a 5.8kW heatpump installed, quoted $3650 all up, hard to tell if that's a good price as comms with the other competitor option has been like snail mail.

You can only cool or heat at one time, not both.

I paid about $4500 to Hot Chilly for a 6-7kw Daikin heat pump a few years back. I actually wish i'd gone with a slightly larger unit, as on really cold days (2 degrees outside) it runs constantly. On more normal days, 6-8 degrees, it spends more time off than on once the rooms gets warm enough - that's taking about an hour to go from 10 degrees to 20 degrees in a huge open plan lounge at the moment.

Consumer have good advice on heat pumps, even if you have to pay for a month pass for their reviews. One thing to keep in mind is some units are more practical and better build than others. My ex's Mitsubishi wasn't very good at directing air where we wanted it to go, though that wasn't a big deal. The Daikin is very solid and has a nice indoor unit, though it's slightly older and isn't really all that quiet - but a tv at normal volume is easily heard.

The other thing I want is a seven day timer, my older Daikin only has one timer you can set. I think the newer ones have a seven day timer.