My Thourts on Compass's Customer Servnce.
I Signed up for Mamouth online on the 16th of Aug
  Provided Direct Debit info and All my Infomation was Correct.

Then Recived a Email giveing me a Reference No. All good..
4-5 Days Later i Rang them to check what was happening.

Was told it was all ok and was in the Proccess of being proced. and whuld take upto 10 days.

ok.. so i waited.....

10 dayys or so later i called and Checked on our things where going.
    Now i was told i had not returned a Direct Debit form and I told them i faled it all in online.. 
    Oh.. ok .. np.. will get a TXT message in 10 minutes to say its started.

Next day.. Rang back... was told i had to get my Account Autherized becose of bad credit. (understandable)
2 more And 2 days  later (today) i ring and was told thay did't process it still and whuld call me back in 1 hour.. 2-3 hours later i called from back. and was told. becose i had bad credit at this address becose i was Denied.. 
13 Days of Realy Bad Customer Service.. Right now we are with Xnet. and we pay 160-250 per month without Fail and was Hoping to change to Compass to get a Lot cheaper Service.. 

Just my 2c Worth i hope somone at Compass can take this infoomation and help make there Pre-Sales service more enjoyable i have nothing again your CSR's etc thay where all Helpfull and Nice.

Thanks Again

Phillip Hardy.