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Internet provider Flip has launched two new broadband plans this month, which it reckons are the best value in the market. 


Flip is offering 100GB ADSL broadband with homeline for just $59.95 per month, or the Naked 100GB for $54.95 per month. 


Taryn Hamilton, General Manager of Flip, says: “Flip strives to be the cheapest player in the market, while still providing great service, and this offer speaks to exactly that. We’ve worked hard to sharpen the pencil for Kiwis to give feasible options for all households and budgets.” 


Both Flip’s new plans have the option of a 12-month contract or a no contract term for an additional $5 per month – giving Kiwis flexibility and peace of mind. 


Go bigger with Unlimited ADSL for $69.00 ($74.00 with homeline) or Unlimited VDSL for $80.00 ($85.00 with homeline) on a 12-month contract.