Jaxson: ... Do streaming services all show the same movies and TV shows, or do we have to pay for several providers to see these etc?  Man I sound like a grumpy old man, but I'm curious as to how these are better, or once again are we trading quality for convenience of a direct download?

Take a punt, subscribe to the free trials at Netflix and Lightbox and find out for yourself. They are quite different flavours so you might choose to keep both. Quality-wise they are both faultless full HD on my (no so fast) connection and the audio is great.

Nothing lost by trying, unless your wife loves rom-coms and you hate them, in which case steer well clear of Netflix.  And assuming you have a device which can play both, of course.

We went with Netflix and have found heaps to watch. We went with Netflix because, at the time, Lightbox didn't have an app for our Panasonic TV and my wife didn't want to have to hook the laptop up to the tv.