Newbie question. I only want to rent movies on a very ad-hoc basis. VideoEzyOnline seems to cater to this need, but before I give them any money I want to make sure I’ll have a good viewing experience.

I have a chromecast, which apparently is supported by VideoEzy. My concern is that my portable devices (an older laptop and a Samsung Note 10.1) are low-specced. This is fine for the likes of youtube, which I believe stream straight to the chromecast unit, but doesn’t give smooth viewing when I’m ‘casting’ from one of the devices, e.g. trying to watch a videoclip on the stuff website on the cc is very jittery.

Does anyone know what method the VideoEzy service uses. Is it via another device or direct to the chromecast?  (PS. I have sent the same query to VideoEzy themselves)

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