Dreal: eztv ? kickass?

That has all the shows at the soonest possible time, in less lossy formats than streaming. 

If you insist on paying (which is good and noble), perhaps you can just subscribe to either many services, or one, and make the difference with torrents. Streaming services are like TV channels. They compete for rights and licenses to various things. So there will never be one service with all tv shows. So to compare it back to old TV, the paid solution would be to buy more than one streaming service. 
And you surely will have the blessing of the studios to torrent their stuff given they want to continue to run with all this regional BS, including trying to tighten Netflix's reach.  They aren't giving you any other options that I can see...




Well if they want to provide a feasible solution to piracy, yes, they will have to leave that model behind. Remains to be seen if they can do it. But as time goes on, less and less people watch broadcast TV, so sooner or later the TV market will be either up for the piracy, or streaming will capture a reasonable share. It's up to them, but it's conceptually not an easy task - they have to abandon many models based on regional systems and also share between competing media providers - a bit like tv1 and tv3 agreeing to both air the same show - but across all the major providers.




Something like that would take the global profileration of just a handful of streaming services, who have the power to negotiate with each other, and the studios. Even that is a while off. And I imagine enabled by a lot of 'buy outs' and mergers. Buying another streaming company gives one more of that rights pie. At the moment its more of a war than a co-op, and all the user can do is buy the services that closest to match their needs, and live with the difference.