Something to watch with this.  Back when Spark announced a $5 price increase to some plans (including the unlimited Fibre100 that I use), they said they would credit existing home customers this $5 until September 2017 - http://www.sparknz.co.nz/news/more-data/ 

I've been receiving this credit without any major issue for the past few months, but I've just got my bill, and it appears by re-signing for 24 months to take this Netflix offer, I am no longer eligible for this credit, as it no longer appears.  The credit has also been reversed for the majority of the previous month since my re-sign date, so my bill is nearly $10 more than I was expecting.

Online chat with Spark seems to confirm this, with the $5 credit removed on any change to the existing plan.  They were able to help me with this, but any other existing Spark customers who were receiving the $5 credit and who have taken up this Netflix offer might want to watch their next bill.

I don't think this is a case of having my cake and eating it too?


Well you did re-sign a new 24 month contract as per current pricing, I don't see why Spark is under any obligation to keep your perks from the previous plan.



I haven't signed up yet. Now I know to wait till end of September to make mind up lol. Thanks for that.