littleheaven: Apple TV4 can do everything from your top priority list either with native apps (TV3, Lightbox, Netflix, streaming from server) or airplay from an Apple device (TVNZ, Neon, Spotify). For Freeview Plus and Bluray you'd need one of the new Panasonic PVRs, probably. I use Plex on the ATV4 to stream from my Mac Pro. I think you can sideload Kodi, too, although I've never tried.


Yep.The OP quoted $300 to $400, but the 32GB is $269. There will be a cost whatever the OP does, say it was $100. For $169 more, its setup and use. App Store. Airplay. Its a great one off, set it and forget it option. Fanpass app too



Agreed that Apple is hard to beat in terms of usability, support and local content. Yes. It is more expensive than ChromeCast Ultra but it comes with its own remote instead having to rely on a mobile as a remote.


Personally I would stay away from any Smart Blu Ray player or Smart TV. TV manufacturers pay lip service to support. You will be lucky if you can get 2 years of app update. Often update just stop after one year. Without apps update, your smart Blu Ray player is as good as dumb. My 4 years old IPad is still getting latest IOS update. Not to say this will continue forever but Apple and Google should provide much better app update support.