@noroad you should NEVER EVER use Hola. They get your spare bandwidth and sell it to other users (as a VPN exit in other countries) or to botnets. They have a company called Luminati who sells YOUR connection.


I will repeat: NEVER USE HOLA.



I only have the dedicated media center machine with Hola on it and a very strong set of firewall (commercial grade firewall) rules for that machine, :-)



It doesn't matter. Hola will use your Internet connection as an exit point for their services. If that machine has access to the Internet, and Hola is allowed connection (it should, otherwise you couldn't use it) then your connection is an exit point for their service. This means YOUR Internet connection can be accessing any service, legal or illegal, and you don't even know it.


In other words, you willingly installed a trojan horse in your network.